BusConnects Cork

Network Redesign

Following a competitive tender process, the NTA has appointed transport specialist Jarrett Walker & Associates to carry out a review of current bus services and design an improved bus service network in Cork City. In 2017, Jarrett Walker was appointed to undertake a review of the bus networks in the Dublin area. The implementation of that review is to get underway this year.

It is a priority of the NTA to futureproof the public transport network of Cork City to meet rapidly growing demand. The review and redesign under the BusConnects Cork Programme will create an efficient network that will allow more people to gain quick access to more places in the city.


The specialist technical service providers have been appointed to develop concept engineering designs for the Core Bus Corridors (CBCs) that will support the efficient running of the bus services in the City. They will also include the provision for bus priority and safe cycle and pedestrian facilities.

Once work has been sufficiently developed in assessing the routes, there will be extensive public consultation where the public will have opportunity to have their say on the proposals. It is anticipated the consultation process will begin in the second half of 2021.

BusConnects Cork is a programme of nine measures to fundamentally transform Cork’s bus system, so that bus commuting will become a viable and attractive choice for employees, students, shoppers and visitors. BusConnects Cork aims to overhaul the current bus system in the Cork region by: 


The full Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy unveiled in early 2020 is available at: