Core Bus Corridor

3rd Round Public Consultation

Virtual Consultation Rooms

What’s happening now?

The third round of public consultation on the 16 core bus corridors has been launched. The Core Bus Corridor Projects will see the roll-out of 230km of continuous bus priority and 200km of cycle routes. The public consultation focuses on the updated Preferred Route Options of all sixteen corridors. Over recent months the NTA has been making refinements along each corridor to take into account feedback received by the public in addition to further technical design work and urban realm improvements along each route.  Click on the corridor name below to view the Preferred Route Option brochures, detailing each corridor, together with a number of draft technical supporting reports.

Consultation on the proposals runs until Wednesday, 16th December and information on making a submission can be found below. Due to current COVID-19 public health restrictions, we have created virtual consultation rooms for each Core Bus Corridor which allows for review and feedback.