Leave the car

Park and Ride Facilities

Maximising the potential of the BusConnects project means enabling more people to use the bus services instead of private cars.

For those travelling longer distances, the optimum strategy is a park and ride arrangement, where they can make part of the journey by car, then leave the car in a dedicated car park and complete the journey by bus.

Bus-based Park and Ride needs careful siting of the car parks, coupled with a high frequency of bus service, to operate successfully. Ideally, the location of the parking facilities should be just outside the area of congestion and conveniently located for car users on the particular corridor.

As part of BusConnects, a network of park and ride facilities will be developed at key locations along the radial road network. Indicative locations are shown in Figure 1 - these will be subject to more detailed assessment as part of the project's delivery and may change. Additional locations may be added.

At each location, we are planning a high frequency bus service, primarily availing of the redesigned bus network. Where supplementary services are needed to ensure a comprehensive operation, these will be provided. Parking charges and bus fares will be integrated, ensuring a seamless connection between the parking facility and the bus system.

Fig: 1: Indicative Locations of Park and Ride Facilities

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