On your bike

Cycling facilities

The implementation of “next generation” bus corridors as part of BusConnects doesn’t just address the bus requirements along those routes – it also allows the creation of a “next generation” network of cycling facilities.

The major bus corridors also represent the major cycling arteries for the city. The reconstruction of these roads to provide the essential bus lanes that are needed for BusConnects also provides the opportunity to similarly transform the cycling infrastructure.

On each of the Core Bus Network corridors, we will provide high quality cycling facilities, segregated from the bus lanes and general traffic lanes as far as is practicable. When implemented, this will mean that inexperienced cyclists, as well experienced cyclists, will be able to use these routes safely.

This benefits the bus system as well. It avoids cyclists sharing bus lanes with buses, where the bus speed can be limited to the speed of the slowest cyclist in the lane, and removes many of the conflicts that bus drivers have to deal with.

Accordingly, the implementation of BusConnects will also see the delivery of a network of key cycle routes, which form the foundation of the overall cycle network that has been planned for the Greater Dublin Area.