Putting the Rapid into Bus

Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high-quality bus based transit system that delivers a service with higher speeds and quality of service than traditional bus services.

We’re planning to do this by improving road infrastructure and providing specially designed vehicles, with rapid, frequent operations and faster boarding and alighting.

We are proposing that a number of the Core Radial Bus Corridors will be developed as Bus Rapid Transit routes, where the passenger numbers forecast are approaching the limits of conventional bus route capacity.

BRT will represent a major step-change in the provision of bus services on some of the busier bus corridors in the Dublin region.

A typical BRT system uses multi-door vehicles, higher platforms for level boarding and stops that are spaced further apart than those that serve conventional buses. Using different vehicles than normal buses, a BRT route can cater for a higher volume of passengers than a normal bus corridor.

In designing the BRT details, we will ensure that it is fully integrated into the overall bus system, providing a coordinated overall network.

Fig 1: Proposed BRT Corridors

Proposed BRT Corridors