Reimagining our network

With over 130 routes, the existing bus system is complex. Under BusConnects we are undertaking a major redesign of that network to enable more people to travel by bus and allow bus commuting to become viable and attractive option for employees, students, shoppers and visitors.  As part of this we will establish exactly what people want from their bus service; where they want to go and when they need to get there. In a process of extensive consultation, we will figure out the best way to apply the wide array of resources we have available to us: infrastructure, fleet, staff, road space, subvention funding, etc, in a way that not just meets the expectations of the travelling public, but actually makes shifting to the bus an attractive proposition for more and more people.

As the first step in that process, the National Transport Authority (NTA) has launched the Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Choices Report. The report has been prepared by Jarrett Walker & Associates, a US based firm which specialises in designing metropolitan public transport systems. The Choices Report reviews the patterns of transport demand across the Dublin region and the structure of the existing bus network.  It identifies certain issues with the current bus system and proposes possible strategies that could address those deficiencies.

The Choices Report can be downloaded by clicking the following link - Dublin Area Bus Network Review Choices Report

You might also find it useful to read this overview on the background of the Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign, click on this link to view it - Background of the Dublin Area Bus Network Review.

The online survey on the Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign is now closed. The responses to the survey will be used to inform the network redesign process which will produce a detailed Network Review Report that will be published later this year. That report will itself be open to a further process of public consultation in early 2018 before any recommendations are implemented.