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What is BusConnects?

BusConnects is the National Transport Authority's programme to greatly improve bus services across the Dublin region. Dublin is growing and needs a bus network that works for a developing city. Its aim is to deliver an enhanced bus system that is better for the city, its people and the environment. With more buses, more often, to more places, BusConnects is designed to provide a better, more reliable and more efficient bus service for everyone.

You Spoke. We Listened

Last year we held our first round of public consultation on the bus network redesign. The feedback showed us what we got right and what needed a rethink. Based on that input, we've refined our design for the new bus network. We've amended our initial proposals to address many of the issues raised, leading to a better overall network.

Tell me More

This brochure provides details of the proposed bus routes in your area and where they will connect to. It is one of 31 brochures covering the whole region.

All of the brochures and full details of the overall network are available on the BusConnects website www.busconnects.ie

We will be holding Public Information events in various locations over the coming weeks where our team will be happy to explain details of the proposals, and answer any questions you might have. Details of these events are available on the BusConnects website, and will be advertised widely.

If you require additional information that is not available in this brochure or on our website, call us on Freephone 1800 303 653

Give us your views

What do you think about the amended bus network? This second round of public consultation allows you to give your views on the proposals. You can give us your comments electronically using the feedback form.

Simply go to www.busconnects.ie

Alternatively you can send your comments in writing to: Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign, National Transport Authority, Dún Scéine, Harcourt Lane, Dublin 2, D02 WT20 or email: consultations@busconnects.ie

The closing date for submissions can be checked at www.busconnects.ie

Bus Routes in your local area

Spine and Branch Routes (all via City Centre)

Spines are very frequent routes made up of individual bus services timetabled to work together along a corridor. At the end of the corridor, the individual services branch off to serve different areas. E.g. where bus services A1, A2, A3 and A4 join together that forms the A-Spine.

1.1 Spine and Branch Routes
Route From Via To How Often
A1 Ballycullen Knocklyon - Templeogue - Terenure - Rathgar - Rathmines - City Centre (O'Connell St, George's St) - Drumcondra Beaumont Every 10-15 mins
A2 Dundrum Grange Rd - Ballinteer - Rathfarnham - Terenure - Rathgar - Rathmines - City Centre (O'Connell St, George's St) - Drumcondra - Santry Airport Every 10-15 mins
A3 Tallaght Templeogue - Terenure - Rathgar - Rathmines - City Centre (O'Connell St, George's St) - Drumcondra Shanowen Rd Every 10-15 mins
A4 Nutgrove Terenure - Rathgar - Rathmines - City Centre (O'Connell St, George's St) - Drumcondra - Santry Swords Every 10-15 mins
D2 Kingswood Ave Fortunestown - Jobstown - Tallaght - Greenhills Rd - Crumlin Rd - Cork St - City Centre (Amiens St, Quays) - Fairview - Malahide Rd Clarehall Every 10-15 mins
D4 Kiltipper Way Killinarden - Tallaght - Greenhills Rd - Crumlin Rd - Cork St - City Centre (Amiens St, Quays) - Fairview - Malahide Rd - Ardlea Rd - Beaumont Hospital Coolock Lane Every 30 mins
D5 Tallaght Seskin View - Castletymon - Greenhills Rd - Crumlin Rd - Cork St - City Centre (Amiens St, Quays) - Fairview - Malahide Rd - Gracefield Rd - Edenmore Blunden Drive Every 30 mins
F1 Tallaght Firhouse - Fortfield - KCR - Harold's Cross - City Centre (Dorset St, O'Connell St, St Stephen's Green) - Whitworth Rd - Finglas Rd Charlestown Every 10-15 mins
F2 Spawell Perrystown - KCR - Harold's Cross - City Centre (Dorset St ,O'Connell St, St Stephen's Green) - Whitworth Rd - Finglas Rd - Mellowes Rd - Barry Rd Charlestown Every 10-15 mins
F3 Limekiln Phibsborough - North Circular Rd - Custom House - South Circular Rd - St James's Hospital (Loop Service) Charlestown Every 5-10 mins

Orbital Routes

Orbital services operate around the city. They provide connections between suburbs and town centres without having to travel into the city centre. They also provide connections to Rail, Luas or other bus routes.

1.2 Orbital Routes
Route From Via To How Often
S4 Liffey Valley Ballyfermot - Kylemore Rd - Crumlin - KCR - Terenure - Dartry - Bird Ave UCD Every 10-15 mins
S6 Tallaght Firhouse - Rathfarnham - Dundrum - UCD - Mount Merrion Blackrock Every 10-15 mins
S8 City West Tallaght - Ballyboden - Ballinteer - Sandyford Ind Est - White's Cross - Monkstown Dun Laoghaire Every 20 mins

Other City Bound Routes

Other city bound services operate into Dublin City Centre. These services are not part of any Spine, and operate to their own timetable.

1.3 Other City Bound Routes
Route From Via To How Often
11 Belarmine Sandyford Village - Dundrum Rd - Milltown - Ranelagh - Merrion Sq Mountjoy Sq Every 60 mins
12 Enniskerry Stepaside- Belarmine - Sandyford Village - Dundrum Rd - Milltown - Ranelagh - Merrion Sq Mountjoy Sq Every 60 mins
14 Ballinteer Churchtown - Rathgar - Rathmines - City Centre (Quays, Camden St) - Heuston Station - Chapelizod - Kennelsfort Rd Liffey Valley Every 10-15 mins
15 Limekiln Rd Crumlin Village - Kimmage - Rathmines - City Centre (St Stephen's Green, Pearse St) Mountjoy Sq Every 20-25 mins
16 Tallaght Kiltipper - Ballycullen - Ballyboden - Rathfarnham - Terenure - Harold's Cross - Clanbrassil St - City Centre (Dame St, O'Connell St) Parnell Sq Every 10-15 mins
20 Tallaght Kingswood - Ballymount - Walkinstown - Crumlin - St Thomas Rd - Kevin St - City Centre (Quays, George's St) East Wall Every 30 mins
24 Dundrum Balally - Ballinteer Rd - Whitechurch - Rathfarnham - Terenure - KCR - Armagh Rd - Cork St - City Centre (Quays) Poolbeg St Every 30 mins

Local Routes

Local services provide important connections within local areas, linking to local retail centres and to onward transport connections (e.g. to Rail and Luas, or Spine routes) .

1.4 Local Routes
Route From Via To How Often
235 Dundrum Luas Nutgrove - Stonemason's Way - Grange Rd - Edmonstown Rd Rockbrook Every 120 mins

Peak Time Routes

Peak-time services operate during the peak travel periods, generally weekday mornings and evenings.

1.5 Peak Time Routes
Route From Via To How Often
316 Whitechurch Ballinteer - Sandyford Ind Est - Stillorgan UCD Peak Only
318 Whitechurch Rathfarnham - Terenure - Rathgar - Rathmines - St Stephen's Green Townsend St Peak Only
347 Kiltipper Aylesbury - Walkinstown - Crumlin Rd - Dolphin's Barn - Cork St - St Stephen's Green Townsend St Peak Only

Getting around with BusConnects

New network, new numbers (and letters!)

BusConnects will have all new route numbers. That means that although some of the bus numbers will remain, routes will not be the same as they are today. For example the new route of the 16 service will not be the same as the current 16 route.

What about fares?

We will simplify fares across bus, Luas and DART. There will be two Leap fares

With the "90 Minute Ticket", you won't have to pay extra to change between buses and Luas or between DART and buses or between buses.

Bus passes and tax saver tickets will continue to work as they do today.

When is the bus network changing?

The new bus network will be introduced in phases. The first phase will be implemented in early 2021 and the full roll-out of the network will take approximately two years. So there will be plenty of time to get familiar with your new routes and bus numbers.

When are the changes happening?

  1. 2020 - Finalisation of Bus Network redesign
  2. 2021 - Implementation of Phase 1 of new Bus Network
  3. 2023 - Final phase of Bus Network roll-out

Your local area map

How BusConnects gets you where you want to go.

Knocklyon, Rathfarnham, Templeogue, Terenure

A1, A2, A3 and A4 spines travel down Rathgar Road and Terenure Road East.

A1 and A3 spines proceed on Templeogue Road. A1 continues on Templeroan to St Colcilles' Way and Old Ballycullen Road. A3 proceeds on Tallaght Road and Main Road.

A2 and A4 spines travel on Rathfarmham Road, with A4 branching at Nutgrove Avenue to Nutgrove Way, whle A2 runs down Grange Road to Broadford Road and Ballintree Avenue.

D2, D4 and D5 spines travel on Greenhills Road. D5 branches to Castletymon Road to Avonmore Road, Seskin View and Old Bawn Road.

F1, F2 and F3 come from Kimmage Road. F1 continues on Fortfield Avenue and Cypress Grove through Firhouse Road, Ballycullen Road and Drive, then on to Old Bawn Road. F2 runs on Whitehall Road, across Templeville Road and on to Wellington Lane. F3 proceeds on Kimmage Road West to Cromwellsfort Road, St Peter's Road and St James's Road.

Orbital route S4 runs on Kimmage Road West to Terenure Road West and East, then to Highfield Road and Dartry Road, continuing down Milltown Road to Bird Avenue.

Orbital route S6 travels down Old Bawn Road, through Firhouse Road to Butterfield Avenue, then on to Nutgrove Avenue and Churchtown Upper.

Orbital route S8 travels down Old Bawn Road to Killninny Road to St Colmcille's Way, Scholarstown Road, Ballyboden Way, Taylor's Lane and Grange Road.

City Bound route 11 and 12 travels down Milltown Road and Dundrum Road .

City Bound route 14 runs on Highfield Road, Orwell Road, Braemore Road to Beaumont Avenue, Barton Road, Nutgrove Way and Brehon Field Road.

City Bound route 15 travels on Limekiln Road to Whitehall Road West.

City Bound route 16 runs on Kiltipper Way, Oldcourt Road, Stocking Avenue to Ballyboden Way, Ballyboden Road, Marlan Road, Butterfield Avenue and Rathfarnham Road.

City Bound route 20 travels on Ballymount Road upper, Ballymount Road Lower and Cromwellsfort Road.

City Bound route 24 proceeds on Terenure Road West to Rathfarnham Road, Willbrook Road, Ballyboden Road, then along Taylor's Lane, Grange Road and Brheon Field Road.

Local route 235 travels on Edmondstown Road and Taylor's Lane, Whitechurch Road, Grange Road, Nutgrove Way to Nutgrove Avenue, then on to Churchtrown Upper Road.

Peak time routes are available on Avonmore Road, Castletymon Road, Greenhills Road, Ballyboden Road, Rathfarnham Road, Taylor's Lane, Grange Road and Broadford Road.

Examples of BusConnects in action

Examples of BusConnects in action
Your chosen route Scholarstown Way to O'Connell Street
Stillorgan to O'Connell Street Take Route 16 direct to O'Connell Street
Terenure Road West to Blackrock Take the S4 Route from Terenure Road West to UCD, then take the S6 Route from UCD direct to Blackrock

Try out your route

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