BusConnects is the National Transport Authority’s programme to greatly improve bus services in Irish cities.

It is a key part of the Government’s policy to improve public transport and address climate change in Dublin and other cities across Ireland. BusConnects Dublin includes the Network Redesign and the Core Bus Corridors. BusConnects is a key component within a number of Government and regional policies which include the National Development Plan 2021-2030,  Climate Action Plan 2021, the National Planning Framework 2040 and the Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy 2016-2035.



Ministers Eamon Ryan and Jack Chambers join NTA CEO Anne Graham as €290m is made available for walking and cycling infrastructure this year.

The Investment will support approx. 1,200 Active Travel ... Schemes nationwide 🚲👣

For more information visit: https://t.co/BIfohjv6Sc

#CAP23 outlines the pathway ahead for #transport:
♻️Reduce the total distance driven across all car journeys by 20%
♻️Continue to enhance public transport
♻️Change the way we use road ... space
♻️🚶🚲🚌🚉 to account for 50% of journeys
♻️Nearly 1 in 3 private cars will be an EV