What is BusConnects?

BusConnects is the National Transport Authority’s programme to greatly improve bus services in Irish cities. It is a key part of the Government’s policy to improve public transport and address climate change in Dublin and other cities across Ireland. BusConnects Dublin includes the Network Redesign and the Core Bus Corridors. BusConnects is included within the following Government policy strategies; the National Development Plan 2021 – 2030; Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016 – 2035; and the Climate Action Plan 2019.

Core Bus Corridors Project: A network of continuous bus lanes and safe cycling facilities along 16 routes.
Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign: A review of the current bus service network to ensure that it can meet the increasing transport needs of the Dublin region.
Just the ticket: Developing a state-of-the-art ticketing system and making payment much more convenient.
Refreshing Bus Livery: Implementing a new bus branding to integrate bus vehicles of different operators and types, and providing a modern look and feel to the new bus system.
While you're waiting: Rolling out new bus stops with better signage and information and increasing the provision of additional bus shelters.
Cleaner technology: Transitioning to new bus fleet using lzero-emission vehicle technologies.
Leave the car: A network of park and ride facilities will be developed, located at key locations along the national road network.
On your bike: Creation of a 'next generation' network of cycling facilities.