The Statutory Planning Application for the Ringsend to City Centre Core Bus Corridor Scheme has been submitted to An Bord Pleanála, the formal statutory public consultation period for this scheme is now live.

The appropriate assessment screening and determination reports are available to download below along with the latest update on the scheme.

For information, the key changes to the scheme since the third round of non-statutory public consultation in November 2020 are summarised below;

  • Extension of the Scheme extents westwards to include the junctions at Memorial Bridge on Custom House Quay and on City Quay.
  • Revised orientation of Scherzer Bridges (Royal Canal) at Spencer Dock to match existing alignment.
  • Inclusion of traffic management works at Mayor Street to accommodate eastbound traffic as mitigation for restriction of the left-turn from Guild Street southbound onto North Wall Quay eastbound.
  • Further rationalisation of bus stop locations, with some bus stops relocated or removed to achieve a better spacing between stops, while also ensuring that each stop is sited in the best location to serve surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Landscaping updated throughout; and
  • Cycle and pedestrian facilities have been further optimised.

More information on the Ringsend to City Centre Core Bus Corridor Scheme is available on the statutory planning application website at the following link