The Statutory Planning Application for the Swords to City Centre Core Bus Corridor Scheme has been submitted to An Bord Pleanála, the formal statutory public consultation period for this scheme is now live.

The appropriate assessment screening and determination reports are available to download below along with the latest update on the scheme.

For information, the key changes to the scheme since the third round of non-statutory public consultation in November 2020 are summarised below;

  • Cycle track previously within Santry Park and Morton Stadium maintained online in the final Preferred Route Option but reduced to 1.5m in width over a distance of approximately 300m;
  • Minor reconfiguration of the proposed north and south approaches to the Airport roundabout;
  • Provision of a new pedestrian crossing at Santry Close, near the Northwood junction;
  • Provision a terminus for the D4 Route in the green space at the junction of Coolock Lane and the Swords Road;
  • Provision of a dedicated left-turn lane from Santry Avenue;
  • More detailed provision of off-street parking in Santry Village, to offset loss of on-street parking;
  • Provision of a new pedestrian crossing adjacent to the Comet bar in Santry;
  • Reduction in cycle track width in the vicinity of Plunkett College and Highfield Hospital, to reduce impacts on adjacent mature trees;
  • Further development of the Griffith Avenue junction layout, to tie in with the Griffith Avenue Cycle Scheme;
  • Segregation between pedestrians and cyclists on the new bridge over the River Tolka;
  • Provision of a new segregated cycle track outbound between St Alphonsus Road Lower and Hollybank Road in order to avoid conflict with pedestrians;
  • Further optimisation of parking and loading bay provision along Drumcondra Road Lower;
  • Provision of a two-way cycle track on the west side of Parnell Square East in order to avoid interface with pedestrians and buses at the bus stops along the east side of Parnell Square East; and
  • Further rationalisation of bus stop locations, with some bus stops relocated or removed to achieve a better spacing between stops, while also ensuring that each stop is sited in the best location to serve surrounding neighbourhoods.

More information on the Swords to City Centre Core Bus Corridor Scheme is available on the statutory planning application website at the following link