What is Bus Connects Dublin?

BusConnects Dublin is a major investment programme to improve public transport.

It aims to overhaul the current bus system in Dublin through a 10 year programme of integrated actions to deliver a more efficient, reliable and better bus system for more people. This will be achieved by;

  • Building a network of new bus corridors to make journey's faster and more reliable.
  • New network of cycle lanes/tracks.
  • Redesign of the Dublin area bus network to provide a more efficient network with high frequency spines, new orbital routes and increased bus services.
  • Develop a state -of-the-art ticketing system.
  • Implementation of a cashless payment system.
  • Simpler fare structure.
  • New bus stops and shelters with better signage and information
  • Provision of bus based Park and Ride sites in key locations.
  • New bus livery providing a common style across different operators.
  • Transitioning to a new bus fleet with low emission vehicle technologies.