We are seeking your views regarding the design of a bus livery for a new service operator in the Dublin metropolitan area. The new operator, Go-Ahead, has been selected as the preferred bidder for the contract relating to the operation of 24 public service obligation (PSO) bus routes across Dublin. It is expected to begin operating some of these routes by the end of November 2018 and all routes by February 2019.

Over 120 buses will be funded and provided by the National Transport Authority for these operations. These new buses require painting of their exterior which is referred to as the “livery”, complete the survey and let up know your thoughts on the livery options.

How to take part in the survey

  1. Complete the survey online now by clicking here or
  2. Call (01) 8798300 to request a paper copy of the survey to be sent to you by post or
  3. Download the PDFs below