BusConnects completed its third round of non-statutory public consultation last December 2020. We received almost 3,700 submissions following this final round. Since then, we are continuing to review all submissions and consider them as part of the finalisation of Preferred Route Options Reports.

In addition, work is continuing on the transport and environmental impact assessments. Once finished these reports will culminate in the completion of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) for each Scheme together with the Compulsory Purchase Order Schedules and Maps with specific details of lands to be acquired.

The NTA has written to An Bord Pleanála (ABP) to commence a pre-application consultation process with the Board and is due to have an initial meeting in the coming weeks.

Potentially impacted landowners that may be subject of the compulsory purchase order (CPO) process will receive further communications from BusConnects to commence detailed discussions and information gathering during the months of April/May 2021 prior to finalisation of the necessary CPO schedules and maps for the statutory planning application.

We anticipate that the statutory planning applications will be submitted to An Bord Pleanála (ABP) during June or July for its consideration and determination.

A formal statutory public consultation process will then be undertaken by An Bord Pleanála as part of their deliberations. During this process, the final Environmental Impact Assessment Report for each Scheme, plus Preferred Route Option Reports and Traffic Impact Assessments will be published and available for viewing. The public will again have the opportunity to have their views heard and considered by An Bord Pleanála as part of the process of their consideration of the proposals. Further updates will follow in due course.