Legislation requires that the National Transport Authority “shall for the purposes of promoting public transport, design, develop and secure the implementation of a single brand to be used by all public transport operators providing services in accordance with a public transport services contract with the Authority.”

Under the BusConnects Dublin programme, the exterior and interior of buses, known as the bus livery, will be standardised across different operators to give the bus system the feeling of a modern, effective public transport system.

The new Transport For Ireland (TFI) livery conveys the image of a modern, effective transport system and assists with ensuring that the experience is consistent across all operators providing Public Service Obligation (PSO) transport services. Initially, the rollout of the new TFI livery will be focused on new buses and coaches entering the PSO fleet and on routes that are launching as part of the BusConnects Dublin bus network redesign, but it will eventually also be deployed nationwide.

The fresh green color will serve to convey the TFI brand, sustainable travel and a sense of Irishness. It has been designed specifically to align with the look of new bus stops and other information channels to present a unified overall experience to passengers.

The vibrant yellow color at the front is intended to enhance visibility, particularly at night.

The white flow lines along each side are designed to evoke a sense of rapid but smooth movement, whilst the white leaf motif towards the rear of both sides signifies the environment and our natural evolution towards more sustainable transport modes.

The new unified look will become more prominent over the coming months and years as further new vehicles are added to the PSO fleet and as existing vehicles enter their established repaint cycles.

During 2021 approximately 93 coaches, 280 new hybrid buses and 87 existing buses adorned with the new livery will make an appearance throughout Ireland and these numbers will grow in the following years.

Pictures of the livery