Cleaner technology

Low Emission Vehicles

Tackling the challenges of climate change is a national priority. BusConnects will contribute significantly to that objective.

Moving people from cars onto sustainable transport is essential in reducing CO2 emissions and addressing congestion. In addition, we intend to transition to a fleet of low emission vehicles, further enhancing the environmental contribution of the bus system.

The exact low emission technology remains to be determined. Research is currently on-going into electric bus solutions, with the technology evolving rapidly and several manufacturers now bringing different vehicle options to market. Compressed natural gas / biogas are relatively mature technologies which are now extensively available to bus fleets.

A fleet acquisition plan is being developed to transition the bus fleet to low emission vehicle types, with the first vehicles under that strategy to go into service during 2018.

By 2023 half of the bus fleet, approximately 500 buses, will be converted to low emission vehicles. Full conversion will be completed by 2030.