The Statutory Planning Application for the Bray to City Centre Core Bus Corridor Scheme has been submitted to An Bord Pleanála, the formal statutory public consultation period for this scheme is now live.

The appropriate assessment screening and determination reports are available to download below along with the latest update on the scheme.

For information, the key changes to the scheme since the third round of non-statutory public consultation in November 2020 are summarised below;


  • UCD Interchange design has been further developed;
  • The design has been co-ordinated with the proposed Belfield / Blackrock to City Centre CBC at the Nutley Lane Junction;
  • The design at the RTE junction has been further refined to tie-in to existing infrastructure within the RTE grounds;
  • Two-way cycle track connection along the N11 Merrion Grove junction to the Coláiste Eoin School to provide a more direct connection to the northbound school going cyclists;
  • The proposed coach stop at the Talbot Hotel has been moved further south to remove the impact to the Talbot Hotel forecourt;
  • The service road between Old Cherrywood Road Junction and Loughlinstown Roundabout has been retained as two-way, following change to a one-way road under the Emerging Preferred Route Option;
  • Rebuilding of the Woodbrook Side Lodge residential property at a new location east of its current location at the southern end of the Woodbrook estate has been included as part of the Proposed Scheme;
  • The design has been further developed between Ravensdale Park and Dwyer Park to provide for continuous cycle lane and bus lane while minimising the impact to properties and the heritage wall on the east side at Belton Terrace;
  • A number of junction, crossings and parking modifications along the corridor;
  • Layouts of all bus stops enhanced and some bus stop locations / layouts have been optimised to allow better connectivity for bus passengers;
  • Landscaping updated throughout; and
  • Cycle facilities have been further optimised.

More information on the Bray to City Centre Core Bus Corridor Scheme is available on the statutory planning application website at the following link