Community Forum

Community Forum

The NTA is fully committed to working with all interested parties in the development of the Core Bus Corridors Project. We want to keep everyone on the proposed bus corridors fully in the picture at all times. As such, Community Forums have been established for each corridor. The aim is to create a two way communication with local communities allowing information and feedback to be relayed clearly, quickly and accurately. 

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, a virtual room has been created for members of the public to take part in the consultation. The virtual room provides details of the Preferred Route Option for all 16 Core Bus Corridors. All 16 Core Bus Corridor brochures detailing the preferred routes and associated maps are available to view and download.

In addition to this and whilst adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, there will be an online webinar for Community Forum meetings via Zoom. Community Forum members will receive an email a week in advance of their meeting with a link to register.

Membership of each forum comprises of two representatives from resident and community associations, disability and special interest groups and business organisations on the corridors, along with local public representatives. As places are limited, only two representatives per group can be accepted. This is to ensure that as many groups as possible have an opportunity to ask a question specific to their group within the duration of the Forum.  

The terms of reference for the community forum's can be viewed by clicking here.

Presentations from 3rd Round of Public Consultation:

The presentations from the third round of Core Bus Corridor Community Forum zoom meetings are available below (click on the presentation to download it); 

To view the presentations from previous rounds of public consultation community forum meetings click here